Design Workshop 2019


Imagining, designing and creating new vehicles at Ford involves placing the customer at the heart of everything. It’s inspiring designers to develop new methods, technologies and solutions, including 3D-knitted seat covers which could offer infinite design personalisation and more functionalities, and the in-house developed 360° degree free-hand sketching that enables designers to sketch interiors that [...]

Transit Drive 2019


Ford is introducing a new generation of electrified and connected Transit commercial vehicles – developed to help businesses thrive in a modern operating environment.

Environmental Test Centre Cologne


Ford’s new state-of-the-art Environmental Test Centre puts all the world’s weather under one roof, enabling engineers to test forthcoming vehicles in the most demanding conditions and make whatever weather they want at any time of the day. Altitudes higher than Mont Blanc, the tallest Alpine peak, vehicle and wind speeds of up to 250 km/h [...]