The Ford of Europe Christmas Calendar


Here’s a little something to get you in the mood for Christmas. We’ve trawled through the archives to create a Ford-themed Advent Calendar, crammed full of fascinating facts and stats. Simply click on a new door each day to boost your knowledge of all things Ford. And why not take our Quiz on Christmas Eve [...]

City Data Report


Every day, millions of people face mobility challenges in cities all over the world. And, as the number of people living in our cities increases, so do the challenges. Question is, how can data be used to tackle some of these challenges? And can it help improve the quality of life for everyone living and [...]

Environmental Test Centre Cologne


Ford’s new state-of-the-art Environmental Test Centre puts all the world’s weather under one roof, enabling engineers to test forthcoming vehicles in the most demanding conditions and make whatever weather they want at any time of the day. Altitudes higher than Mont Blanc, the tallest Alpine peak, vehicle and wind speeds of up to 250 km/h [...]