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Press Kit Description

Every engine and car we build at our high-tech assembly facilities in Europe undergoes the exacting scrutiny of Ford’s intensive quality assurance testing.

Every centimetre of each finished Fiesta, and its award-winning 1.0-litre EcoBoost engine, is carefully inspected inside and out before delivery to one of 60 countries – whether by laser-guided robots, or the human eye.

Witness one of the toughest quality test processes in the automotive world, involving a high-speed test on a rolling road, a first drive on the “Squeak and Rattle” circuit and intensive engine testing.

Lasers check doors fit exactly; paintwork is meticulously examined for dust or imperfections; and a “car wash” – equipped with high-pressure water jets – checks window and door seals.

Ford of Europe opens the doors to its European headquarters in Cologne to reveal how in a single year 1.63 billion individua parts can become more than 346,000 new Fiestas and 190,000 engines.