City Data Report

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Press Kit Description

Every day, millions of people face mobility challenges in cities all over the world. And, as the number of people living in our cities increases, so do the challenges. Question is, how can data be used to tackle some of these challenges? And can it help improve the quality of life for everyone living and working in our urban environments? To help find the answer, Ford Smart Mobility spent the last year recording more than 1 million kilometres’ worth of vehicle and driver behaviour data in and around London.

With help from highly skilled data scientists from Ford’s Global Data Insight and Analytics (GDI&A) team, some 500 million records of vehicle data were combined with smart algorithms and existing public datasets. This helped establish an understanding of how data might assist in addressing the concerns of transport authorities, as well as those of the capital’s businesses and residents. The insights were encouraging: from pinpointing the optimal locations for electric vehicle (EV) charging points to proactively identifying likely road safety hotspots where incidents may occur, with the potential for this analysis to have a far broader reach than London alone.

In this report, we explore the implications of big data in a big city, and the applications of those insights for the benefit of all.