Ford City of Tomorrow London 2017

Ford City of Tomorrow London 2017 2017-09-27T15:02:30+00:00

Press Kit Description

More than half of the global population live in cities. Around the world, urban areas are rapidly growing and changing. But what will tomorrow’s cities look like, and how can we shape the urban future we all share?

In the City of Tomorrow, connection is our catalyst. At a special Ford event, John Kwant, vice president, City Solutions, Ford Smart Mobility LLC, and Sarah-Jayne Williams, director, Ford Smart Mobility, Ford of Europe, join innovators, transport experts, urban designers, city officials, CEOs, academics and entrepreneurs to discuss some of the creative ways cities can solve mobility issues and keep people moving. The TED talks and New Scientist panel discussions look at new ways of sharing the streets, engaging in social mobility and meeting the current and future challenges of living in cities.

Ford also presents innovations designed for the cities of tomorrow, including bike-sharing, hybrid delivery vehicles, new mobility apps like FordPass, and smart benches that are also Wi-Fi hotspots and charging stations for mobile devices.